London is a city I have visited many times over the years, until 1996. After that year it just seemed like I didn't get to go there, and I kind of forgot how much I liked it. Then in the end of November of 2002 I went back there, just to rediscover my love for that city. I think somebody have said "when you get tired of London, you get tired of life itself", which I do agree on. 
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Pictures from my trip to London in 2002.
Impressions from my trip London by Night
The Science Museum Trafalgar Square
 I went to London again in the beginning of September in 2003, and the pictures from that trip will follow shortly .... I hope!
 My trip to London in 2003
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Impressions Finsbury Circus St James's Park
London walks
While I was searching the internet for what to do when I was in London, I came across this site for a company that offered guided walks with a theme in London. I liked the fact that you didn't have to sign up for the walks, all you had to do was to show up at a specific place to join in. All the walks I went on were very good, and very popular. But nothing beats the Jack the Ripper Walk though, so many people showed up, that we were divided up into two groups, with each our guide.

The site for the walks is and I can highly recommend them.

The "Inside Westminster" explorer day Jack The Ripper Walk
Spies' & spycatchers' London Ancient London - Knights, Nuns & Notoriety
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