London 2005
So the urge to London again had gotten into me, so I had arranged a nice long weekend there. About a year later I've finally gotten around to go through my pictures, and put them up on my site, along with a short report of what I did there.
The Report!

I had to get up at 5:00 am to be ready to leave at 5:30 to get to the airport in time for my 6:30 flight.

I arrived in London slightly delayed, but otherwise without any problems I found my hotel, where I dropped off my suitcase until I could check in at 1:00 pm. I then jumped on the tube to Oxford Circus, where I wandered down Oxford Street until I passed a Boarders bookstore, where I shopped a bit. After the bookshopping I went into Soho for Lunch, and wandered around a bit, before I went back to the hotel for a bit of rest. Late in the afternoon I went out to get something to eat, before I went on the ”along the thames pub walks” with

At the first pub on this walk I started to talk to a guy from the States, who lives and works in Madrid, and he introduced me to a lady from Maine in the US. We walked together the rest of the walk, which took us from blackfrairs, over the millennium bridge to the Tate modern, to the Globe Theatre and further up along the Thames. The walk ended at an old pub where they knew that Shakespeare had enjoyed a pint or two in his days. Here the three of us sat and talked and had a couple of more pints, until the pub closed at 11:00 pm, which we all thought were early. Then we took the tube together for a bit, before bidding each other a good night.

Did I mention that it was damn hot in London that day? It was the hottest day in May since I think it was 1945. Up towards 32C/90F.


I started the day by finding out, when I was about to leave the hotel, that they were going to move me to a double room, since the faucet in the sink in the bathroom didn’t have any cold water at all. So I quickly packed all my stuff, so they could move my suitcase later.

Then I took the tube to Hyde Park, where I walked from the Hyde Park tube stop to Marble Arch, I did pass speakers corner, but unfortunately nobody were there speaking, so I’ll have to experience that another time. From Marble Arch I went on the Covent Gardens, where I walked around for a while, looking at the people and street performers, before walking through west end (the theater district), along the “Strand” and ended up at the Justice buildings of London. From there I jumped a bus to double back a bit up Strand, where I jumped off at some point to walk to Trafalgar Square, over to Leicester Square and up to Piccadilly Circus.

That evening I went on another pub walk, yeah I know it sounds like I’m addicted to pubs, but this evening I actually only had a single pint on the walk! We came through some interesting parts of London, which is what I like about these walks. You get to see and hear things that you most likely wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise.


Today’s walk started at Parliament, and took us past the jewel tower, Westminster Abbey, into St. James’s Park, up to Buckingham Palace where we watched part of the changing of the guards, to the house where Prince Charles lives when he’s in London.

After that I just drifted around London for a bit, looking at people and interesting places, and poked my nose into different shops. I’ve found out that I more and more are starting to enjoy the feel of London, and don’t have to do something all the time.


After having packed and gotten ready to go home, I checked out of the hotel as late as possible, before I did a bit of touring of the city again. In the mid afternoon I went back to the hotel, got my suitcase and then jumped on a bus for Victoria Station to catch the train to Gatwick Airport.
I have divided all my pictures up in 3 groups.
Hyde Park
A very nice breathing space in London, where I'll be spending a bit of time on my next trip there, because it was a bit chilly when I were there the last time.
Covent Garden
Always a cool place to go and look at the people, performers and all kinds of shops.
Around London
Loads of pictures from my gallivanting around London.
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