Jack The Ripper Haunts
Please tread carefully and keep away from the shadows - you are about to enter the abyss...

He came silently out of the midnight shadows of August 31, 1888. Watching. Stalking. Butchering raddled, drink-sodden East End prostitutes. Leaving a trail of blood that led...nowhere. Yes, something wicked this way walked, for this is the Ripper's slashing grounds. We evoke that autumn of gaslight and fog, of menacing shadows and stealthy footsteps as we inspect the murder sites, sift through the evidence - in all its gory detail - and get to grips, so to speak, with the main suspects. Afterward we can steady our nerves in "The Ten Bells", the pub where the victims - perhaps under the steely gaze of the Ripper himself - tried to forget the waking nightmare.

I didn't take any pictures on this walk, because I didn't feel like bringing anything with me on this walk, since I planned to go out for a drink afterwards. I'm not going to tell anything about the walk either, because it's just so good, that it have to be experienced. You can however read more about it here www.jacktheripperwalk.com
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