Greetings cyber traveler

and welcome to my picture section on the internet.

Since I was in the 8th grade, where I started to learn how to take and develop black and white pictures, I've had a bit of an interest in taking pictures. From then on I had photography until I finished my "basic schooling" with a year as an exchange student in the USA (many years ago in 1985/86), where I was a photographer for the school newspaper and yearbook. 
I've always had a camera of some kind, which has followed me when I went on trips and vacations, so I could take memories home with me. Once I got connected to the internet, it didn't take long before I started to play with building homepages. So I learned the basics about making a homepage, and also had a small homepage, with a few of my pictures from my travels. But it was a bit of a hassle to scan my pictures once I got the film developed, so it was limited how much I did put on-line.

But then in the summer of 2002 I finally got a digital camera, after having wanted one for about a year, and soon I started to get a lot more pictures to put on the internet. This section of my website is the result of this, and I do hope you'll enjoy seeing the places I've been, through my eye. You are always welcome to let me know what you think about my pictures, via this link:

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I've added a link to my journal about MBTtm, (My Big Trip), which was my trip to
Malaysia and Australia in March/April 2008. You can find it here