Florida 2004


The plane I flew with on the first leg of my long trip.


On June 10th, at 8:35 am I arrived in the airport here in Aalborg, to check in for my latest vacation, with destination Orlando, Florida, USA. This trip was going to be one of the longest one that I've done so far, since it involved flying on 4 different planes, before I would arrive at my destination. The trip had these four legs:


Aalborg - Copenhagen (Denmark)

Copenhagen - Frankfurt (Germany)

Frankfurt - Washington DC (USA)

Washington DC - Orlando

Total travel time was supposed to be around 17 hours, but unfortunately we got delayed 2 hours out of Washington DC to Orlando, due to thunderstorms en route to Orlando. But the fact that I was upgraded from monkey class (....err economy class) to business class from Frankfurt to Washington DC, made it bearable. It was great to try to fly business class, and get all the perks there, knowing that I had only paid for economy class. It's definitely something I wouldn't mind trying again, as long as I don't have to pay for it myself ;-).
I went to Florida to be on vacation with a good friend, and her husband, from Massachusetts. The main reason to go there, was to visit Disney World, and all the different parks they have there. We stayed in a timeshare apartment here. It was a nice place, and not to far from Disney, so we could go back for a break in the middle of the day, and get out of the sun and the heat. I did really enjoy my time there, but I have to admit that I won't go back there at the same time of the year again. There are two reasons for it, 1: it's simply to damn hot in June, 2: there are way to many people in Disney. So the next time I'll go there, it'll be in the fall or the spring, and then I'm sure I can cope with the weather.
While we were there, we also spent a day driving to the east coast, and visited Kennedy Space Center. In case you didn't know, I'm quite a Sci Fi fan, and also rather interested in space travel, so it was very interesting to visit it. Unfortunately we didn't get to see a launch, even though one was scheduled while I was there, they just kept putting it off. Oh well, maybe another time.
Now that you're read the introduction, on with the pictures from my trip, please follow the links to see them.
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